nWhosie is an innovative, intelligent, automated control system for all your outdoor living features. nWhosie takes all the work of keeping your outdoor space beautiful and enjoyable and makes it manageable and accessible from anywhere, anytime! nWhosie allows you the freedom to enjoy your surroundings, without taking the time out of your life to maintain them. Most importantly, nWhosie is easy to use. As quickly as changing weather patterns can pop up unexpectedly, nWhosie can alter your previously set routine and adjust for rain, drought or extreme heat.

nWhosie is an outdoor living solution designed by an IT professional who is also an avid outdoor living enthusiast when at home. For years, the company founder has been working on a blue print design for this product by gathering suggestions from home and business owners, as well as avid technology users, to build a solution that is user friendly to all- but also has powerful features. His professional background has provided years of experience working with different software vendors capturing the best customer feedback and user experiences. As someone who cherishes their outdoor space, he has also found easy solutions to the problems that many of us face in maintaining our outdoor spaces. The results are designed to enable the users to save water and time- preserving valuable resources that cannot be replenished. Correlation of environmental variables, local sensors and advanced technology enabling an artificial intelligence smart automation solution.

nWhosie is taking automation to the next level with innovations designed with the user in mind. Gain control of your outdoor appliances! By providing controls at your fingertips using smart devices and internet enabled browsers, nWhosie is a user friendly way that anyone can use without having to be computer or technical expert.