nWhosie... Automation Done Smart and Made Simple!
nWhosie. Easy.

Available on smart devices (like most phones today) and internet enabled browsers- nWhosie is making it easy to control your outdoor features, such as lighting, pumps, sprinklers and more. The most exciting part is just how easy it is to use, and how simple it is to monitor, make instant adjustments and let nWhosie do all the work!

Our design keeps you in mind by removing the complexity of how it works, and allowing you to take advantage of how YOU can use it. Not everyone wants to know all the moving parts; they just want a product that makes their life easier, and is dependable and user friendly. We get it. Our technology works with the weather...not the weather that you expect, not the weather you saw online... The weather that happens in your backyard.

nWhosie. Friendly.
nWhosie. Advanced.

nWhosie is bringing today’s technology to you, no matter where you are. nWhosie features enhanced capabilities to identify faulty components as well as provide trendy metrics. This is not the old fashioned set and go system. You can make changes, and alterations from anywhere, instantly!

nWhosie is accessible from wherever you are whether you are on vacation a continent away, or just down the street. Even if you are at home, and your internet is temporarily unavailable- by using our direct connect feature, you stay in control.

nWhosie. Always Connected.
nWhosie. Innovation.

nWhosie is bringing the cloud computing power to provide weather analytics to apply historical and forecasted environmental variables. nWhosie is a correlation of environmental variables, local sensors and advanced technology enabling an artificial intelligence smart automation solution.

What does that mean? It means that nWhosie uses technology and Mother Nature to ensure that your outdoor spaces are taken care of appropriately!

nWhosie maps reliable weather variables from weather data bases to your nWhosie device, providing intelligent decisions to conserve water.

nWhosie. Aware.
nWhosie. Saves Water.

nWhosie’s compilations of weather aware sensors provide the perfect combination for conserving precious resources and money.