Your nWhosie controller was designed to be easy to use by anyone and incredibly effective. Designed to be sleek and compact, the controller is an engineered board to enhance most common irrigation functionality and enable advanced innovating features to give the user the ability to determine a faulty system and much more. 

The controller board provides visual status and activity with the system, you can use your existing irrigation system without the need of spending additional money on a new sprinkler system. Furthermore, the controller board is fully compatible with the legacy rain sensors.

The numerous features are highlighted below!

Twelve zones
You can program up to 12 individually controlled and monitored zones. This is perfect if you have different types of foliage around your property, areas that retain more moisture than others, or any other unique aspects of your outdoor space.

Solenoid faulty detection and Damaged wire(s) detection
The controller has Solenoid voltage fluctuation out of normal operational range detection. Your nWhosie controller is smart enough to tell you if something is not functioning properly. This will ensure that if there is ever an issue, your yard will not pay the consequences!

Visual zones status (LED lights)
Your nWhosie controller will make it easy for you to know which zone is which with an LED light system that will identify each zone. This will also help you to monitor your sprinkler system as a whole and be able to pinpoint exactly where a problem is, should one ever arise.

Expansion Modules
The controller can be updated with software to enable additional features and usages. nWhosie has plans for growth! In the future, the vision is to make nWhosie a central hub for not just your outdoor space, but for your home. The possibilities are endless. Your controller already has an open port to expand. So as we grow and offer more options, you have all the hardware you need if you choose to take advantage of any of our up and coming services. Growing with nWhosie does not mean replacing what you already have and starting over, it just means adding more! The controller is designed to expand and connect with other remote technology to enable the same intelligence as the nWhosie irrigation controller.

Electrical Safety Features
nWhosie keeps you safe too! Your control panel was designed to meet the highest standards of electrical regulations. While developing this product, we made sure we are not only making your life easier, but keeping you, your family and your home safe.

Rain Sensor
Your nWhosie knows the weather that is happening on your property. This will help you to save money and water when Mother Nature decides she will be watering your grass, plants and flowers for you. It will also be sure to never let dehydration hit any area of your property!

Technologically safe, smart secure
The controller is secure and powerful based on Linux Kernel and is equipped with network Wi-Fi and one NIC port. Additionally, the controller has 8 GB internal NAND storage as well as 2 GB DDR3 memory. The controller has ARM processing Cortex-A9 quad core @ 1.6 GHZ.


24 Volts solenoids (automated sprinkler) • Internet access • Wired or Wi-Fi connection • 120 Volt power source • nWhosie service subscription • A smart device or a computer with internet enabled browser